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Largest Book, Egg Watcher, and Tai Shan the Panda!

Hello everyone!  So here’s some interesting random stuff that I came across.  If you want to read the articles or explore the websites in detail, just click on the images.

First we have the World’s Largest book display!  It’s like 5′ (tall) x 6′ (wide) and requires six people to lift it!  This 350 year old Klencke Atlas was apparently presented to King Charles II by Dutch merchants and placed in his cabinet of curiosities! This will be one of the main highlights during this Summer’s big exhibition on maps by the British Library.
A few things that came to my mind as I saw this.  First, I want to know what else was in that cabinet of curiosities?  Giant pen? Oooh a magnifying glass to read the giant book?  A dinosaur?  Who knows maybe there were giant sized gems? or Aladdin’s lamp? Okay i know that it’s not a ‘Giant’ cabinet of curiosities but still. You know, I think I would love to have my own cabinet of curiosities! How fun! Although If i made such a cabinet in my parent’s house, they’ll most likely declare it as trash and sent every item to Purple Heart.  Seriously sometimes I wonder if they think they are a trash or a recycling center.  Second, I was thinking wow what If I really had a giant book as part of my decor? What are the chances that it will fall on my guests? or heck, on me?  Then I’ll be really living inside the book 🙂 Imagine trying to swap such a book.  Back then maybe you needed a buggy or a Donkey cart, today you’ll most likely need  6 men and a truck to move this piece of art!  I find it cool how the Kings supported publishing back in those days.  If nothing at least books were a status symbol! Could we say the same today?

Next on the list is this cool EggWatchers site that I came across.  With their help watching boring eggs boil will never be the same again.  Basically they present you with an egg timer that will entertain you while your eggs get boiled.  So you give them your egg preferences and it tells you exactly how many minutes it will take to cook your egg.  During that time, they hook you up with a cool video that is equal to that exact cooking time.  When the video is done, Ping! Your eggs will hopefully be ready. This way you don’t have to stare at the boring eggs and get bored!

Lastly, I would like all of you to join me in saying goodbye to Tai Shan the cute panda who will be FedExed to Chengdu, China soon. Not in a box of course but a large steel crate.  Tai Shan my cuddly friend I hope you have a safe and happy journey! Enjoy your bamboo, fruits and cookies! 🙂

You can listen to his story and read related articles at NPR.

My Tea For The Moment: I tried out TWININGS of London’s Fujian Chinese Pure White Tea. This has a very light flavor strength to it.  I think this one tastes the best if steeped only for one minute. The first time i let it steep for over 3 minutes and it killed its delicate smooth flavor.

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My First Bubble Tea!

Bubble TeaYes, I finally tried Bubble Tea!  I don’t really know why it has taken me this long but I’m happy to inform everyone that I really enjoyed it.  This great occurrence took place at  The Saint’s Alps Teahouse in East Village.  I tried out the Green Milk Tea and it was great! At first I was a little confused as to how you order them, I was wondering if you would say, could I please have it with the bubbles? or the balls? but thanks to my friend I didn’t really make a fool of myself and said it rather properly as in, could I please have it with the tapioca balls? Actually “pearl tapioca” like their site describes it would have been better but I’m sure you’re saying who cares!? Hey, I say it’s good to know! Oh and speaking of sites, you should know that Saint Alps Teahouse site is actually the Hong K0ng one. So don’t be surprised if you see crazy high prices because those are actually in Hong Kong Dollars!  As for the tapiocas that I tried, they were chewy and didn’t really taste like anything to me.  I’m sure they vary from place to place?  Has any one of you tried them?  Yes? Then tell me your Bubble Tea story! 🙂

My Tea For The Moment: Just keeping it simple and drinking STASH’s Organic Premium White Tea.  It’s nice and light and goes perfect with the post ugly weather day!

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It’s Snack time!

healthy_meal_cd2dNo, not nap time! I said snack time! Although I must say it’s just as good as a naptime, don’t you think?  After all, the perfect snack contributes to a perfect nap time. Okay seriously, don’t try this at work because snoozing is not good, particularly if you’re in a cube setting or in the theatre!  Yes, we can hear you snore! And hey you, yes, YOU texting in the middle of the dark movie theatre, we can all see you, so stop it before I send the phone snatchers after you!  Ahhh so where was I?  yes snacks, they fill our hearts with joy and lights up our eyes.  As soon as we hear that growl in our tummy, our mind goes ping! Then it’s all about the Snack time!

You know that when you were pretending to be all busy and working away and staring at the computer screen, what you were actually thinking about was man, what will I have for lunch today? Or what quick snack would do me good right now?  Or I’m so hungry I can’t concentrate are those even words coming out of his/her mouth?  Whether it’s that long dreadful day at work, or the peak hunger hours of 6-9 of class hours, or watching a game, movie, or a TV show or maybe it’s just when you used your brain too much or spoke too much. Basically you feel exhausted and hungry! And all you want are SNACKS! IMG_9064

Well to help you guys out, I have decided to occasionally share with you some snacks I consider healthy or more like wholesome. I am looking at a snack that will fit nicely in a Ziploc bag and then in your bag or purse, something that will give you the feeling of being full without any guilt.  And it won’t hurt if it was a little healthy too hehe. I am not an expert but as a poor student trying to balance life and school, I have been able to find some interesting food options to help me live. Perhaps you might like some of these snack options as well?

IMG_9065My first find are Thomas’ “Bagel Holes!”  I know what you’re thinking looking at that little girls happy picture and no they’re not only for the kids! Big kids and their moms can eat them too okay.  They’re great because they’re really like these small round bagels or holes.  Although I don’t get why they are holes? Seriously if it is a hole then shouldn’t you literally see a hole? like as in a doughnut?  In any case, I do agree when they say it’s “Breakfast That’s Good To Go!” or more like a snack that’s good to go. You can pack about 2-4 holes in a bag and it fuels you up good.  I tried the Blueberry ones and they were so yummy.  If you have tried them, did you like them? If not, let me know when you do try them.

My tea for the moment: Celestial Seasonings’ Decaf Green Tea with (Bai Mu Dan) White Tea.  This is an interesting blend for sure.  Is anyone a fan of green and white tea fusions?  I think white tea normally tastes much better on its own.  Have you guys tried fusions before? Do you like them? yes? no?

YES! Print Is ALIVE!

Ah friends! And especially the ones that love to smell their books!  According to my news feed from “The Village Voice” on Facebook,  It’s alive, it’s alive!  Print is not a zombie yet! Thank you FB and TVV for making my day 🙂 Great cover, you are truly awesome!


And now, let’s have a moment of Hallelujah!

Ok so I’m too happy to read the actual article 🙂 However, if you want, you can check  it out here.

Oh and my e-book friends, don’t be sad 😦 you can smell your books too,  you just need to get this!

My tea for the moment:  White Peony, a very light white tea that is perfect to go with a light mood.  If you want to find out more about the white teas, then here are some useful sites: