Welcome to my very cool blog where I contemplate life over a cup of Chai/tea!  For a detailed explanation check out my first post “And So It Begins!

What else? I’m just a poor graduate student, trying to survive life, NYC, get a little more educated cause I’m sick like that…ah and when i get a little time I try to multitask by writing and drinking chai/tea at the same time woo hoo.  And when it gets really cold, I even drink coffee and soups and as an added bonus put on some fuzzy socks.  Now if I could only invest in a Snuggie, the winter circle of hibernation would be complete.

Just want to share my interesting weird findings and observations with you all. So if you have insomnia, can’t sleep, want to laugh, relax or just want to read something for fun! Grab a cup of something warm and read my posts!

Enjoy 🙂


Update 2011-2013 – As you can most likely tell from my last post, I’ve been on a really long break.  Sorry. Maybe one day I shall return. Until then, you may follow me on Twitter and Instagram.


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