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Guest Animals At Your Next Tea Party

Next time you have a tea party, don’t forget to invite your friendly neighbor gorilla, monkeys, squirrels, dogs, cats, parrots or rats because apparently like us, this fine bunch can’t wait for their tea time either.

But seriously, do you really think they could all make the guest list? or not? let’s observe shall we?

Yes, a gorilla at a tea party would be nice and I think this one with his chilled cool demeanor would make a lovely guest for sure.

But would this cute little monkey be on the list?

Whoa! Okay that would be no, most certainly not.

Seriously, little fierce psycho monkey, you need to calm down! geez…

Moving on, I think you should really invite the cats because they’re just so cute and look so funny drinking tea

and dogs too!

and how about a parrot?

Oooh and let’s not forget your friendly hyper squirrels.  Here is a really brave squirrel diving into a cup of tea in front of two dogs!

I never really thought about horses, but why not? Might be a little messy to drink out of cup for them but this one definitely gets bonus points for trying.

I seriously don’t know about the next guest and quite honestly I was a little surprised to see this but regardless I now know and must accept that people have rats as pets, rats like drinking tea and NYC is NOT the only place on this planet where people have pet rats and where at least one dude out there likes to walk around with a rat on his head (no joke) and apparently people in UK dig rats as well phew! (Sorry didn’t mean to go all Henry James long sentence on you guys but seriously rats drinking tea?)

Alright they do seem to love tea and they are kind of cute so why not?

Any other animals you would like to invite at your tea party? 🙂

My Tea For The Moment: I was recently at the Crumbs Bake Shop and I can’t remember the exact name but I think I had the Genmaicha Green Tea, the one with the brown rice blend. In any case, I really enjoyed the flavor and it went well with the cupcakes.

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4 Most Creepy Little Kids!

Guys… I think I’m hearing voices! Okay now before you jump to conclusions and ignore me like the parents of the sane kid  in a horror movie who tells the parents that he or she is hearing stuff but instead of listening or believing in the child they just declare him or her insane and  ship them to the nearest shrink, Phew!  Just hear me out.  So for the past few days, I’ve been hearing voices or more like cryings of a kid particularly around the bathroom walls.   First I was like hey, someone give this kid some bubbles! Because you know bubbles are awesome and they always cheer people up! But then, his constant combo of crying and laughing at the same time, started reminding of all the creepy little kids that have haunted us for so many years.

So with thought,  here is my list of

4 most creepy little kids that just give me the creepers!

4.  The creepy girl from “The Ring” (2002) –  The most creepy scene was when she comes out of the TV.  That’s a definite “do” to give someone a heart attack.

3.  The creepy little boy from “The Grudge” (2004) –  This boy was really messed up and the most creepy sound was that came out of his mouth and the most creepy scene was when he appeared under the desk like a little perv hehe.

2.  The cute yet creepy little boy from “Pet Sematary” (1989) – Aww…he was really really cute but sadly very creepy!

1.  The most creepy and perhaps horrifying kid of all time has to be Regan from “The Exorcist” (1973).  There are just too many creepy scenes but the head rotating thing and the backwards stair walk is enough to creep you out for life!

Now after revisiting some of these creepy kids, I’m sure you all need a little laugh!  First, the funny George Lopez just started the “Creepy Little White Girl” bit on his show.  So check it out, it should you creep you into some laughter.

Finally not all babies are creepy,  this one is so cute and makes me want to laugh like crazy every single time I watch it!

My tea of the moment: How about some STASH peppermint caffeine free herbal tea.  If you like minty stuff then this is for you.  Creepy kids and minty tea now doesn’t that just cheer you up! hehe.  Enjoy!

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5 Things you should NOT DO at 3 am!

1. Bouncing any kind of object off the wall in a hallway that is near one’s sleeping abode! For your information I am may be living in a box but that does not mean I don’t deserve my own wall peace!  So if that is some sick way of brainstorming your life in the middle of the night, then guess what none of us care! So please do us all a favor and go rattle your own walls and doors.

2. LOL’ing or Laughing-Out-Loud is usually encouraged. However, if at 3am you have a sudden urge to laugh near rooms where people sleep then try LIL’ing! As in Laughing-In-Loud. Unless your laugh is going to contribute in me sleeping more, I would say keep it all In!

3. Shutting your door loudly as If you are being chased by a monster is not okay. Plus if you really are, then don’t you want to be discreet about it so the monster wouldn’t know where you are?

4. Speaking in a foreign language loudly is still loud! Just because I can’t understand you doesn’t mean I can’t hear you!  Next time, try your inside voice and gestures and by that I don’t mean inside gestures, just simple hand gestures.  It’s the most peaceful way to communicate in the middle of the night.

5. Music is good, but Opera singing at 3am is not!  Also not cool is when you decide to hear songs on repeat for hours.  Okay I liked it the first 5 times but seriously even my nightmares are annoyed.

Hopefully this will NOT  be an ongoing list!  Please feel free to add to this list. 🙂

My tea for the moment: I finally found the box for STASH organic premium white tea at the store again! Yay! This is one of my favorites and they’ve been out of this for a while. I think I might have to drink more than one cup though, it’s sooo…brrrrr… cold tonight.

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