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Oh No, Not On My Jelly Sandwich!

So it’s  one of those laaazy days. You really don’t feel like getting out but you’re really hungry.  You somehow manage to drag yourself to the fridge and finally discover, “Oh Crap, there is no food!”  Well you’re about to lose hope when you see that red raspberry jelly and think of the delicious sandwich that is to follow.  You’re  excited, and happy that you didn’t go crazy and eat all your bread while wasting time watching TV over the weekend.  Ahh Finally it’s ready! And you dive in for your first bite when you’re blinded by this black, blue, or green vision. You hope that it was an odd colored grain patch or something in your eye but unfortunately such is not the case.  Yes another sad ending on the realization that you have been a victim of a moldy bread once again!

You know as hardworking students, there is a lot on our plate. Well just not in terms of food but there is lot of other stuff on our plate.  We’re not really known to eat healthy. I started wondering if one could really die from eating a moldy bread so like a good student I went to google it!  I discovered this great article http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/08/11/food.safety/

I highly recommend it if you’re on a student diet.  My personal takeaways from this article are as follows:

1.    Don’t eat mold.
2.    You will not die if you skipped your “Best if used by” date.
3.    Fridges were invented for a reason! So use it wisely.
4.    If something smells funny, there is a problem.
5.    Drinking water after expiration date is okay. Seriously, why would you ask such a question!?

My tea for the moment: In honor of future tummy aches, some nice loose green tea! They say it’s good for your immune system. I got this brand from Tranquil Tea (http://tranquilitea.com/) when I visited MI this summer.