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It’s Time For A Final Exam Break!

Alright guys it’s time for me to go on a mini break. My finals begin next week! If all goes well, I shall return once the nightmare is over in two weeks!  Remember don’t worry, drink lots of chai, tea, coffee, hot cocoa, whatever you need to get through all your projects, papers, exams,  final thesis, or life in the next few weeks in general.  I leave you guys with some of my favorite musical compositions  that you can listen to while you study or just take a break.

There’s a whole album on concentration! Here’s one with beautiful pictures of Venice.

Good Luck guys! See Ya soon 🙂

My tea for the moment: Okay so besides going through the whole finals stress bit, I got sick this week as well.  The nasty cold finally caught me!  I’ve been coughing up a storm and the three teas that seemed to work on my throat were STASH’s Chamomile caffeine free herbal tea, Lemon Ginger caffeine free herbal tea and Chai White Tea.  All with a couple spoons of honey. Of course I didn’t drink all three at once but yes, I did drink them in all in a day.  I was basically just trying to fix my self as much as possible before my class and they each seem to have some key ingredient like Chamomile, Lemon, Ginger, Cinnamon etc so I thought hey why not!

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5 Funny Videos To Make You Laugh!

Hi guys! I came across these videos and they made me a laugh a lot.  Now since It’s already November and kind of dark and gloomy, I thought it would be cool If I helped us all prepare for the upcoming Winter blues.  So here are 5 videos that I hope will make you laugh and if they don’t then I’m sorry you must have a serious case of SAD and maybe you should watch Tom and Jerry!  And if you have already watched them, then check them out again because you know they’ll be super hilarious the second time around! 🙂

5. Abed and Troy’s Spanish rap “La Biblioteca” in the show Community.  Best way to learn your vocab words!

4.  “Do Re Me” stunt in the Central Station of Antwerp, Belgium.  Ahh I always wanted to run around like Julie Andrews on that mountain, okay well that’s another dream but I also always wanted to break out in a crazy dance on DO RE ME in public! Don’t laugh, you know you so wanted to do it as well! 🙂

3.  Heavy Metal Pussy Cats! If you’re obsessed with cats and waste an enormous amount of time on “I Can Has Cheezburger” then this is for you! LOL!

2.   Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes 2.  My favorite part is Edward secretly dancing to Beyonce’s song “Single Ladies” hahaha.

1.  The Batman Scene –  Yes another clip from the show “Community” where Abed dressed as The Batman goes to rescue his peers towards the end.  This is the funniest take on Batman’s speech.  I can watch this over and over again!  And you should too!

Hope you guys got to relax and laugh a little, now go back to work! 🙂   You know, I think I should do a list of the best new shows for you guys soon.  By the way, which of the 5 videos did you like the most?

My tea for the moment: I wanted to spice things up a little bit so I decided to try STASH’s premium Chai White Tea.  It’s a little stronger than the usual White tea but it smells like hmm… Christmas for some reason.  I do not kid, just try it and tell me if you feel the same.  It must be all that cinnamon, allspice and cardamom mixture!

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