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Guest Animals At Your Next Tea Party

Next time you have a tea party, don’t forget to invite your friendly neighbor gorilla, monkeys, squirrels, dogs, cats, parrots or rats because apparently like us, this fine bunch can’t wait for their tea time either.

But seriously, do you really think they could all make the guest list? or not? let’s observe shall we?

Yes, a gorilla at a tea party would be nice and I think this one with his chilled cool demeanor would make a lovely guest for sure.

But would this cute little monkey be on the list?

Whoa! Okay that would be no, most certainly not.

Seriously, little fierce psycho monkey, you need to calm down! geez…

Moving on, I think you should really invite the cats because they’re just so cute and look so funny drinking tea

and dogs too!

and how about a parrot?

Oooh and let’s not forget your friendly hyper squirrels.  Here is a really brave squirrel diving into a cup of tea in front of two dogs!

I never really thought about horses, but why not? Might be a little messy to drink out of cup for them but this one definitely gets bonus points for trying.

I seriously don’t know about the next guest and quite honestly I was a little surprised to see this but regardless I now know and must accept that people have rats as pets, rats like drinking tea and NYC is NOT the only place on this planet where people have pet rats and where at least one dude out there likes to walk around with a rat on his head (no joke) and apparently people in UK dig rats as well phew! (Sorry didn’t mean to go all Henry James long sentence on you guys but seriously rats drinking tea?)

Alright they do seem to love tea and they are kind of cute so why not?

Any other animals you would like to invite at your tea party? 🙂

My Tea For The Moment: I was recently at the Crumbs Bake Shop and I can’t remember the exact name but I think I had the Genmaicha Green Tea, the one with the brown rice blend. In any case, I really enjoyed the flavor and it went well with the cupcakes.

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What NOT to do to your fake cat!

One thing you should never do to your fake cat is? Yes, you got it? Ah…okay no, It’s not beating it sensibly or senselessly for no reason or talking to it.  What you should never do to your beautiful Persian Himalayan fake cat is put it in the dryer! That’s right, unless you want your cat to turn into a mutated lamb cat and use it as a topic of discussion for those awkward silent moments with guests when you really have nothing to say.  So as much as you would like to (MOM, are you listening?) Some things are just better left dusty, seriously.


Speaking of pets, do you ever wish you could have a two-way communication with them? Now this time, I mean the real ones. For example, maybe you wanted to know why Billy the goat was eating all your print? Seriously goat, aren’t newspapers in enough trouble already? Or maybe you wanted to know why Percey the cat has gone morbid and is now bringing dead creatures into your house, or why the crazy raccoon is stealing your door rugs at night?  This could go on forever and I’m sure you guys have a list of your own.  In any case, I think I’ve found something that might help us all out.

I came across Google translate for animals one day and my first reaction was, well of course that’s exactly the kind of thing I need 😉

okay sheep = funny 🙂

I know you’re thinking, could this really be? Well why don’t you observe the date for the video very closely and you’ll get your answer! Hahaha well it was fun while it lasted 🙂 Now please stop wasting time and go back to work.

My Tea For The Moment: I had some Jasmine Pearl tea at Koryodang café located in Korea Town recently and it was great.  I know it’s kind of hot for tea but it was actually really nice and cool inside so I thought why not.  If you’re looking for a good place to meet up with friends or have a snack then definitely check this place out.

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Jane Austen booksA couple of weeks ago my friend and I went to check out the Brooklyn Book Fair and guess what we saw? Yes, it was JASNA! Who? No Not Jasna the person! Wait, there’s a real person named Jasna? Wow that’s cool.  I think I’m going to name my first child or cat which ever comes first that ☺ But no, I meant JASNA as in The Jane Austen Society of North America!? Yes, hello!? Ah I cannot describe our happiness when we saw those fine ladies telling us all about the membership. We listened rather carefully until she mentioned the specific dues and then we got a little distracted. Ahhh Imagine the delight and shock had Mr. Darcy appeared from behind that table! We would certainly have fainted with joy ☺  But of course, the only thing we can afford at this point is the free sign up for the email list!  To show our love we quickly signed up as a potential JASNA member. I must say I signed that list in my not so very best writing, however the lovely lady in charge of the list told me that I had really nice hand writing.  Well, I did get an award in 5th grade for best writing you know.  Speaking of which, I just want to do a shout out to Mrs. Pace, my 5th grade teacher who taught us how to refine our cursive in fountain pen! You knew you were all grown up when you could write beautifully in ink. Mrs. Pace, I will never forget your pearl necklace, your black Cadillac and your thousands of cats.  I was a little scared of you but I’m not sure why, you sound really cool and I think you were a very special teacher indeed!

On another note, I’m currently reading “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” It’s a fun read so far. I love Austen and I love Zombies so it’s all quite awesome.

My tea for the moment:  I think Earl Grey either from Bigelow or Twining would be the perfect choice for such an occasion! Please raise your cup for JASNA! and oh yes Zombies!