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Cassette Tapes = Cool Art

Now why didn’t I think of turning my old tapes into cool art? Hmm…well no worries, I think i just got an idea as to what I can do with my mountain of magazines back home! Ahh i love it, Imagine a giant paper  skeleton left standing in the recycling bin! I would love to see the reaction of the recycling truck man who by the way for some reason left all those magazine bags i left for them to pick up during this past hot summer.  Was it because it got too heavy for you? or because I broke some recycling bin code when i put 5 bags instead of 2 or what?   I’m just saying I haven’t forgotten that episode and I’m still upset!  It was a lot of hard work slaving away in the garage and getting tortured by spiders and other nasty insects that seemed to be all into reading all of a sudden okay.  And seriously spiders, what’s wrong with you?  Do you think I’m Little Miss Muffet and you will just frighten me away? Okay I was frightened a little bit when one of you decided to read along with me while I had the pile of magazine in my lap. Man, all those magazines up in the air was a huge mess, so thanks a lot spiders!

Going back to the old tapes, here is an example of the cool cassette tape art from artist Brian Dettmer.

Brian Dettmer: Cassette Tape Skeletons

Brian Dettmer: Cassette Tape Skeletons

You can check out the whole series at the following designboom’s site link

Brian Dettmer: Cassette Tape Skeletons

What do you guys think?

My tea for the moment:  I normally enjoy floral flavored teas but today I’m trying out Wild Raspberry (Caffeine Free) herbal tea from STASH. Wow this is a perfect mix, skeletons and red color tea! How nice, but seriously I don’t think I care for berry flavor teas, it’s a little too sour for me. But I’m not giving up yet or at least until I finish this whole sampler box I just got!


zombie-3flipIf you’re one of the cool people who were secretly following the pattern on my calendar and hoping for a blog post on Tuesday and Friday, I really apologize! I had four papers along with two presentations due this week and after lots of overnighters my brain became all mushy and I looked like that zombie dude from my previous post.  However, after a day rest, I am back with an awesome zombie question that a friend asked me and now I will ask you!

So here’s the deal friends, what if you and I are together in the zombie world, when I suddenly get bit by a zombie and we both know that I will eventually turn and come after you! So to protect you, I ask you, I WANT YOU TO KILL ME at once! What will you do? Will you kill me before I turn? Say NO and let me bite your head off? Or say YES and finish me off!?

I’m hoping for some fun answers and discussions so don’t be a party pooper and respond!

My original response to my friend was that it doesn’t matter – If I ask you to kill me, I know you will say no, and then we would argue and waste so much time over it that I would turn into a zombie in the process and will eventually come after you! Perhaps the lesson here is that we should all wear a helmet in zombie land to protect our heads from getting chomped off? 🙂

Or we could all take the following quiz to determine the time it would take us to turn into a zombie and go from there!

The Zombie Bite Calculator

My tea for the moment: Egyptian Chamomile from Harney & Sons, one of my favorite brands.  I went for this particular one because the zombie #2 face above reminded me of all the evil dead in the movie Mummy which then made me look at the word “Egyptian” and go ahhh with all these connections I must drink this! Try it, it doesn’t taste like zombies at all but rather has this fine scent of green apples. 🙂

So, What’s On Your Chest?

IMG_8985I know it has been kind of gloomy and raining all weekend long and on top of that today was a Monday! Who likes Monday’s anyways jeez. Well the bad news is that we had to go through it, but the good news is, that it’s over. So just relax, don’t worry! Drink some chai or any beverage of your choice. I’m really looking forward to a Tuesday because they’re always better. They sound more hopeful, less ugly, plus I was born on a Tuesday (I think) so obviously it is a day to celebrate!

Oh great now this is gloomy, according to the wikipedia, there is a Spanish proverb “En martes, ni te cases ni te embarques,” which means “On Tuesday, neither get married nor begin a journey.” Ok that’s just great because it’s too late! I’ve been on this life journey for a very long time and I didn’t even ask for it. My mom says, I was reluctant and resisted this planet but there was only one way and that was out! And as for the topic of marriage, well that’s a whole another ordeal so we’ll just tackle it another day! But hey It’s a lucky day according to Judaism! Yay because according to the first chapter of Genesis “it was good” twice. Not once but twice people! so booyah!

Ah I feel so much better ☺

My tea for the momentSTASH Organic Premium White Tea. It’s really light like a Tuesday and full of antioxidants.  Ahh so frefeshing 🙂