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And So It Begins!

A blog, where I contemplate life over a cup of tea.

Everytime I get worried, sad, happy, or speak of any kind of emotional trauma around my family, the first thing that appears out of nowhere is a cup of Chai!

Imagine if you will please in English and (Urdu) languages.

Dad on seeing me all worried.
Dad: What’s wrong?
Me: I think I’m having a heart attack. No seriously I have this pain right here in the middle or is it here. Maybe it’s an ulcer. Oh great either way I’m dying.
Sisters out of nowhere: Oh great it’s her phantom pain again!
Dad to me:  Oh no beta (dear)  Koi baat nahin (no worries) come have some Chai.
Dad to siblings: You! Go make some Chai for your sister! No arguments!
Sisters: Oh God, why do we have to make tea for her?
Sisters to each other: You do it! NO, you do it! It’s your turn. No It’s not. It’s yours!
Mother in the middle: Oh God, when will my girls grow up!
Me trying to ignore the noise and drama in the back: Seriously, my life is a mess and you want me to have a cup of tea! How is that going to resolve anything? It won’t help me find a job or pay my black hole of debt.
Dad: shh it’s ok, just sit down. Everything will be alright.
As I argue, the cup of Chai is placed in my hands and I am told to drink it.
Me:  Yeah so I was saying, hmm… okay wow, this is really nice, oh could I get some cookies please too.  Girls! Could I please get a blanket while you’re at it.

Next thing you know you’re all calm and wanting a second cup of tea!
*note: The word  “Chai” in Urdu and Hindi languages means tea.

So this is how it normally goes.

If you come from a culture that lives and breathes tea then you know what I’m talking about!  Tea is the answer to everything; it’s the first and the last thing.  It’s the romantic approach to life.  It’s the way of life. It’s an art. Oh I can go on an on but my blog is not about tea!  Although I will recommend you guys some good teas and tea places as I go along.

You know as a struggling poor graduate student living in NYC, it is quite normal for me to suffer from periodic emotional issues, and unexplained bizarre phenomenon BUT I say don’t worry, drink chai! And everything will be alright. There is a lot to discuss and ponder upon.  So please come join me as I contemplate life, look at some interesting happenings over a cup of tea!  Both caffeine and de-caffeinated  coffee and tea people are welcome!