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zombie-3flipIf you’re one of the cool people who were secretly following the pattern on my calendar and hoping for a blog post on Tuesday and Friday, I really apologize! I had four papers along with two presentations due this week and after lots of overnighters my brain became all mushy and I looked like that zombie dude from my previous post.  However, after a day rest, I am back with an awesome zombie question that a friend asked me and now I will ask you!

So here’s the deal friends, what if you and I are together in the zombie world, when I suddenly get bit by a zombie and we both know that I will eventually turn and come after you! So to protect you, I ask you, I WANT YOU TO KILL ME at once! What will you do? Will you kill me before I turn? Say NO and let me bite your head off? Or say YES and finish me off!?

I’m hoping for some fun answers and discussions so don’t be a party pooper and respond!

My original response to my friend was that it doesn’t matter – If I ask you to kill me, I know you will say no, and then we would argue and waste so much time over it that I would turn into a zombie in the process and will eventually come after you! Perhaps the lesson here is that we should all wear a helmet in zombie land to protect our heads from getting chomped off? 🙂

Or we could all take the following quiz to determine the time it would take us to turn into a zombie and go from there!

The Zombie Bite Calculator

My tea for the moment: Egyptian Chamomile from Harney & Sons, one of my favorite brands.  I went for this particular one because the zombie #2 face above reminded me of all the evil dead in the movie Mummy which then made me look at the word “Egyptian” and go ahhh with all these connections I must drink this! Try it, it doesn’t taste like zombies at all but rather has this fine scent of green apples. 🙂

YES! Print Is ALIVE!

Ah friends! And especially the ones that love to smell their books!  According to my news feed from “The Village Voice” on Facebook,  It’s alive, it’s alive!  Print is not a zombie yet! Thank you FB and TVV for making my day 🙂 Great cover, you are truly awesome!


And now, let’s have a moment of Hallelujah!

Ok so I’m too happy to read the actual article 🙂 However, if you want, you can check  it out here.

Oh and my e-book friends, don’t be sad 😦 you can smell your books too,  you just need to get this!

My tea for the moment:  White Peony, a very light white tea that is perfect to go with a light mood.  If you want to find out more about the white teas, then here are some useful sites: